How to Get Her to Notice You - Tips for Getting Women's Attention



Some will tell you to dress like a biker, others to act aggressive and space invading; the real thing is that most of these advices won't ever get women's attention. What they will get you instead is a fine or a slap. Use these instead to get women's attention fast.


So many of us believe, in our weaker moments, that we were singled out by the universe for a particular hardship. We may wonder, "Why does it always happen to me? Why does everyone else have a great boyfriend and I don't? Why can't I ever seem to meet someone new?" These thoughts of victimhood are deadly to our dating lives.


When you want to destroy approach anxiety, it really is important that you do things right. Should you not do it right, the end results are often disastrous. You could end up with more apprehension and anxiety than ever, and/or possibly even becoming a guy that is afraid to go out and socialise with others.