Take Her Home Tonight - One Little Tip to Go From Dud to Super Stud



You are getting used to flying solo these days. Your friends have no problems talking to girls. They will wake up tomorrow morning beside their conquest and you will wake up next to no one. You can't seem to pick up a gal, no matter what you try. Every time you approach a super hot babe and talk to her, you get shot down.


On how to seduce a woman much has been written and said much in the past including a lot of mistakes! One of the most pernicious nonsense that the media, social control, friends and the women themselves believe you have done so far is that to please a woman must be a "good guy" no more false and absurd! Women hate the good guys. Women hate the good guys... because they are boring, monotonous, predictable, routine, insecure, bigots and unable to gain respect.


The attitude you have while going on dates is crucial to your succeeding or failing to extend a date to a meaningful relationship. The more you take the time to reflect upon your attitude this holiday season and realize whether it sabotages you or not, the more you can change and adopt a healthy one, constructive to finding a satisfying bond next year.