Does a Guy's Interest in You Decrease After You Give Him Sex? Here's an Information Packed Article



Women are often afraid of what would happen to her and the man that she's seeing once she has given herself to him. Will he or will he not keep her? If you don't want to wonder anymore, here are some of the things that could make him want you or throw you out of his life.


More often than not, women are the ones who want to be pursued. But there are moments when this role is reversed and you encounter a man who seems to want to be pursued. If you're thinking of ways to attract this type of man, here are 7 methods of taming him:


Winning a man to your way of thinking can be difficult but it's quite possible. As a woman, you actually have the power to make any guy commit - all you have to do is to learn how to do it. Here are 7 great tips: