How to Figure a Guy Out! 7 Tips Which Will Give You Great Insights Into the Male Mind Right Now



Figuring a guy out can take sometime - if not a lifetime - to accomplish. If you're a woman, it's naturally difficult to read what a guy's really onto. So if you want to be able to tell what he's up to next and why he does the things that he does, here are some tips.


Have you tried to use pickup lines to get girls to go out with you, but you've fallen flat on your face each time? Are some pickups more believable than others? Can pick up lines be a complete waste of your time? The truth is guys, girls expect us to use pickup lines. Although it takes practice to deliver smooth, believable pickups, you may find that once you get your delivery down, these pick up lines can help you get a date.


Having a hard time to start a conversation with a hot woman? Scared of being turned down? Want to get that conversation flowing naturally? The answer to your problem is simple-and it starts with yourself. Muster great confidence or fake one even, and you would sure find yourself in a nice little conversation with that hottie in the next table. You can never go wrong with a simple hi if you just know how to deliver it nicely and in a very inviting manner, without creeping her out. Strange people don't normally say hi for no reason, so be on the ready for a rebound remark. If you are still doubtful of this, here are some other tips on how to start a conversation with a hot woman.