Do Nice Guys Finish Last?



Do nice guys finish last? Is there a truth to the ever-persistent saying? Why do girls get attracted to bad boys in the first place? These are just some of the questions that emerge whenever the subject "nice guys finish last" becomes a topic of conversation. Wherever this connotation came from, it really sparked great debates among social circles and among the genders-and sure enough, the bad boy versus nice guy battle took off to a start. But through all these, do bad boys really dominate the battle and do nice guys finish last? Here are some insights about the controversy.


There could be many reasons why relationships become unstable for some couples. If you want to know if your guy would surely stay with you, it's high time to see these signs: He's around when you are in need. This man isn't just around for the good times but also for those moments when you need him most.


Do you want to be saved from the embarrassment and avoid rejections from hot women? Are you done with testing the waters? Do you want to know exactly when you could or could not approach her? Then learn how to read the non-verbal signs that stare you right in the face. Body language is a key indicator when trying to determine if a woman wants to meet other people or not. Soft touches, glares, and gestures are just among the hints you could take in order to avoid rejections from hot women.