How to Intrigue a Woman Fast



Do you want to know the secrets of how to intrigue a woman? Are you getting tired of your boring self? Do you want to do away with your predictable ways and become a mystery in the eyes of the woman you like? Then mixing your ways up might just be the answer. Intriguing a woman does not necessarily mean that you should change every single bit of your personality-you only have to learn how to jumble things up and keep her anticipating for more surprises. Here are some sure shot ways on how to intrigue a woman.


Have you been asked to a date lately by someone? Have you already prepared what clothes to wear that would make you look your best? Are you also thinking of ways on how you can keep him interested and how to keep a conversation going during your date?


Do you feel that all the good guys are taken or gone? Is your patience running out when it comes to meeting guys? Are you sold to the idea of giving up that you can never find your type of guy? Do not stress yourself out because a lot of women share the same frustration.