A Girl's Checklist In Choosing The Right Guy



There are things that make us woo and fall in love with someone and there are also people who rub us the wrong way. For some, love can easily blind them and make the wrong decisions that ultimately turn their lives upside down. Avoid them by learning a few hints on how to spot Mr. Right for you.


Commitment, as defined by many dictionaries, is an act of loyalty. If you're tired of being given a chunk here and a morsel there of his time, then it's time to know whether this guy is ever going to commit. And how do you go about in making this guy give you his forever?


It is really amazing how men can chase a woman like she was the last woman on earth and then once she is caught - poof! They disappear from the scene and lose interest. A woman can feel pretty insulted, angry and disappointed when a man hits this type of a low after chasing her like crazy, and she wants to know why! Here are some reasons for this type of behavior.